Wooden Stamp Set

$36.00 $39.50

Beautiful, handmade stamp set includes 9 classical Islamic terms that are frequently used in everyday life or on special occasions.

The stamps include the following Islamic terms:

  • bismillah

  • al-hamdu lillah

  • subhan Allah

  • Allahu akbar

  • in sha`Allah

  • ma sha'Allah

  • barak Allahu fik

  • Ramadan Karim

  • kul'aam wa antum bi khair

 The stamps are also ideal for adults. Homemade greeting cards, Ramadan gift labels or motivational stamps

The stamps are well in the hand and can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. After stamping, they can be stored neatly and safely in the sturdy wooden box.

In addition, a 20-page booklet is included, each containing a brief explanation of the Islamic term and a matching hadith, a Du'a or a Qur`an verse. 
Due to the high-quality workmanship and the robust material, the punches can be used over a long period of time.

Details on the product:

  • 1 wooden box (13x13x6,5 cm) with 9 stamps (3x3 cm)

  • From local FSC-certified pine and beech wood (100% controlled and sustainable forest management)

  • Made in Europe under fair conditions

  • Harmless to health and odorless

  • Age recommendation: from about 5 years

  • ink pads not included