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my salah mat interactive
Sahaba Cards set
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Juz Amma
Discover the truly amazing miracles Allah blessed Muhammad, Ibrahim, Isa and more magnificent Prophets in Islam (may peace be upon them) with and explore their unique characteristics.  Introduce the blessed Prophets in Islam to your child through these Deen Cards – Discovery Cards designed to make Islamic learning interactive and fun!  The 25 cards share amazing facts about the best role models to have walked the Earth and come housed in a beautiful and sturdy box, ideal for securely storing away.  The colo
baby soft book arabic book
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Quranic Opposites
Eastern Toybox Gift Card
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My Mat - Double Sided
Khadijah Doll
Tajweed Untangled
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Seerah Trail Puzzle
baby soft book arabic book
Moon Phase Wooden Blocks
the yellow cow jolly animals
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