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let it go naima roberts
Let It Go
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30 Hadith for Kids
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How To Pray
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Eliyas Explains Angels
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muslim scientists
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muslim princess series 99 names of allah
Long before plane or trains were invented, Ibn Battuta went on a remarkable 30-year journey, including four trips to Hajj, travelling over 100,000 kilometres. No wonder he is called “The Great Traveller”.  Through beautiful full-page illustrations and easy-to-understand text, this book introduces young Muslims to the adventures of Ibn Battuta, and the dua said before travelling.  The Muslim Scientists series introduces children to great scientist, scholars & adventurers from the Golden Age of Islam
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muslim princess series 99 names of allah
Phases of the Moon book
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Take a stroll through Salamville, where the sun is shining, the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, and where Cranky Kareem seems to be a little, well, cranky today.   In the very first installment of The Salams series, Cranky Kareem encounters the bubbly and perfectly positive Happy Hamdi. Cranky Kareem is determined to prove to him that it is simply impossible to be that grateful all the time but finds that maybe even crankiest fuzzy monster in town can learn to say Alhumdulillah.  -Promotes emotional i
Ibn Majid loved sailing the open seas and discovering new places. This famous Muslim invented the compass, and is known as one of the great explorers of his time. Through beautiful illustrations and easy-to-understand text, this book introduces young Muslims to Ibn Majid, “The Master Navigator”, as well as the dua before leaving one’s house.  The Muslim Scientists series introduces children to great scientist, scholars & adventurers from the Golden Age of Islam.
After finding a pearl necklace on the beach one day, Princess Aliya asked her friends if any of them had lost a necklace.  When both Hafsa and Salma said they had lost a pearl necklace that day, Princess Aliya and the other friends were in shock.  Princess Aliya wanted to do the right thing, but didn’t know what to do, until the truth came out.    BASED ON THE ASMA UL HUSNA (The 99 Names of Allah) these books teach good character & the attributes of Allah.  24 pgs
Stories about great personalities, their struggles and achievements are a wonderful source of empowerment and can play an important role in the lives of children. Our wonderful new womankind series introduces children to influential Muslim women in history. The first in our WomanKind series, Fatima Al Fihri, tells the story of the remarkable woman who created the first university in the world. Simple text and beautiful illustrations to inspire and engage little ones.
muslim scientists
muslim princess series 99 names of allah
bibi's blessing
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Bibi’s Blessings
I’m Learning my Hadith – SET (10 BOOKS)
muslim scientists
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zaydo potato muslim hero
my dad's beard zanib mian
My Dad's Beard
Mikaeel and Malaika are brother and sister but they both had one thing in common. They were superheroes.  Embark on an enchanting journey with the always-pondering Malaika and the adventurous Mikaeel on their ongoing quest of becoming the best superheroes. Their first mission entails seeking the One who loves them most: The Quest for Love
In My Sweet Prayers children will learn the beauty of praying. With examples from prophets, Islamic hadith, Islamic scholars and other sources, this book focuses on the importance of prayers in our communication with Allah. Additionally, in this book they will find many lovely prayers to memorize and when and how to say them throughout the day. There are many examples of prayers to be made in certain occasions, gathered from Islamic heritage
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zaydo potato can allah see me now
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Sitti’s Olive Trees
Join little Maymunah in the book series, “Maymunah’s Musings,” on her many quests as she gets to know Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, through His names and attributes! In the second book of the series, “What Did Allah Create For Me,” Maymunah and her brother, Malik, are visiting family for their fun-filled annual Cousins’ Week. Maymunah is mesmerized by Allah’s wonderful creation on this camping trip, but there’s one thing troubling her: what’s wrong with Malik? Why isn’t he enjoying Cousins’ Week as much as sh
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