The Yellow Cow Book + 3 Card Set



The Yellow Cow stands out from the herd. She's of a different size, age, colour, and talent. Join her little journey of self-discovery to find out together just how special she really is.

The Yellow Cow is a 16 x 16 cm durable cardboard book that should endure the test of baby.

Our board books are printed with socially responsible manufacturing partners, on ethically sourced paper, and adhere to Australian product safety standards. We want the best for the people making our books, the children reading our books, and the world these books are going to be in.

The Yellow Cow Mini Alphabet Card Set is a set of three 5 x 7 inch (127 x 178 mm) cards printed on 350gsm Ecostar Uncoated 100% Recycled Board.

In the Quran, some chapters start with a collection of singular letters, the meaning of which has not been revealed.

The Yellow Cow series is inspired by the first chapter in the Quran, Surah Al-Baqara (The Cow). That chapter starts with 3 Arabic letters, the equivalents of (A, L, and M) in the English Alphabet.

'Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said: "[Whoever recites a letter] from Allah's Book, then he receives the reward from it, and the reward of ten the like of it. I do not say that Alef Laam Meem is a letter, but Alef is a letter, Laam is a letter and Meem is a letter."

- Authentic Hadeeth according to Al-Tirmidhi.

What better first letters for your child to learn than the first 3 of the Holy book!

Board Book + 3 Card set

Ages 3 yrs +