Bayti Sitti - Arabic Wordless board book


“My Grandmother’s House” is a delightfully illustrated find-the-item book that is all about the wonderful time we have when the family is gathered at grandma’s house. The illustrations are packed with details, giving children and their parents plenty to talk about. The book takes you through the various rooms of grandma’s house, from the living room where someone is up to some mischief to the kitchen where delicious food is being prepared and all the way to the garden where the children are running around, petting the family turtle and picking fruit.

Because “My Grandmother’s House” is a find-the-item book, it invites a greater level of participation from its “readers.” Each illustration is divided into two parts: a room at grandma’s house and a panel containing six items that you must locate in the room. Kids will have a wonderful time looking for and finding the items hidden in the room. As each item calls their attention to a particular area in the room, parents can help build language skills by talking about what they see and identifying the location of the item in relation to others (over the shelf, under the bed, behind the door, next to the mirror….). They can also help extend the discussion by relating the scene to aspects of their child’s life.

One thing that makes “My Grandmother’s House” doubly special is that the illustrations are inclusive of children with disabilities. We strongly believe that all children should be able to find something they relate to in books, whether it’s the embroidery on an outfit that’s part of their culture, the set-up of a living room, the color of a character’s hair or a hearing aid a child is wearing.

Board book

12 pgs

Age 12 months +