Aasaan Urdu Alfaaz - Janvaar (Animals-Step1)


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New Easy Words book introduces a number of new animals to kids. Have some fun with your children as they learn the Urdu words for basic animals, written out in English script.

The Jaanvar book includes a total of 28 illustrations, with 2 animal illustrations on each page. Each animal is labeled in Urdu and Roman Urdu (English script). The last page of the book provides translations for all 28 words.


About the Step 1 books

Step 1 - Easy Urdu Words: Bright and fun illustrations of simple words


  • Bright illustrations and strong visual cues help kids associate new words with images
  • Simple Urdu words keeping North American and UK kids in mind
  • Familiar phonics from English help improve Urdu vocabulary and pronunciation

Who are they for?

  • Mostly popular with younger children, this series of books is for anyone that is new to Urdu

What do I get?

  • Bilingual book with Urdu, Roman Urdu (English letters) and English translations
  • 8” x 8” softcover book printed on high-quality paper
  • 16 inner colourful pages filled with bright illustrations and text