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Mikaeel and Malaika are brother and sister but they both had one thing in common. They were superheroes.  Embark on an enchanting journey with the always-pondering Malaika and the adventurous Mikaeel on their ongoing quest of becoming the best superheroes. Their first mission entails seeking the One who loves them most: The Quest for Love
my dad's beard zanib mian
My Dad's Beard
ruqayyah's bookshelf ahmed and the stuck teapot muslim kid stories
In My Sweet Prayers children will learn the beauty of praying. With examples from prophets, Islamic hadith, Islamic scholars and other sources, this book focuses on the importance of prayers in our communication with Allah. Additionally, in this book they will find many lovely prayers to memorize and when and how to say them throughout the day. There are many examples of prayers to be made in certain occasions, gathered from Islamic heritage
timas publication precious parables
Precious Parables
$21.50 $24.50
purity and prayer rhyming book
zaydo potato can allah see me now
muslim scientists
Sitti’s Olive Trees
Will Shy Maimuna overcome her shyness in order to stand up for what's right? In this heart-pounding story, Shy Maimuna defends a deaf classmate against some bullies who repeatedly destroy his sandcastles at the park. With her strong sense of compassion, she ventures out of her comfort zone and is able to take action to stop those bullies from ever bothering him again. Based on an Islamic Hadith - Prophetic tradition - she realizes that using her actions to stop an injustice is the strongest of faith.
Allah Loves Me Timas books
Allah Loves Me
ruqayyah's  bookshelf the great hair exchange
This bilingual English & Arabic book series teaches children about Allah and the important people in their lives.   The second book in this Loving Series, I Love My Mother and My Father  This book develops  - Arabic word recognition  - Allah (God) consciousness  - Connection to the Arabic language  - An appreciation of what Allah (God) has given us    Includes a transliteration table to assist non-Arabic readers.  There are 2 other books in the Loving Series.
muslim princess series 99 names of allah
muslim princess series 99 names of allah
muslim princess series 99 names of allah
imam abu hanifah
alana's bananas
Islamic Luminaries islamic history
Lessons from Surah Yusuf
Camel Toy Rattle - Red
When Naiya wakes up to her busy, loud surroundings, she decides to escape into nature!  In this book, Naiya teaches you seven beginner yoga poses, to breathe and, most importantly, to smile!
zaydo potato allah loves me
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bilal's second surprise
blessed bananas muslim fable
muslim snow white fairy tale
Halal Hot Dogs
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