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After Iftar Tales
 In this book readers will learn everything about all the holy days of Islam through the eyes of a little boy named Mustafa. Not only the importance of those days are taught, but also the stories behind those days are told to children in the book. As we all know, every day and night which Allah created is beautiful. But there are some days and nights that are even more special: the weekly holy day of Juma, Laylat al-Qadr, Eid al-Fitr and many others. The book aims to tell the significance of those certain d
Manilla Eid Mubarak Money & Sweets Paper Party Bags 12pk
My Hajj Activity Box
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Eid Cupcake wrappers
Camel Toy Rattle - Red
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Happy Eid Treat Bags
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Good Deeds Calendar
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Eid Breakfast at Abuela's
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Batik Print Pocket Calendar
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