Zaydo Potato - A Muslim Super Hero


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Join Zaydo Potato, his sidekick Pepper, and his cousin Raya as they embark on adventures to learn more about their Islamic faith. In this story Zaydo and Pepper are Muslim Supeheroes and Raya desperately wants to join their force. Does she have what it takes to become a Muslim Superhero? Of course she does! As Zaydo models what a true Muslim Superhero does by giving away parts of his makeshift superhero costume to those in need, Raya is shocked at his acts of selflessness. What does Raya do to prove that she is equally as selfless? I guess you’ll have to read this powerful story to find out. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy searching for the potato hidden in every spread and the other fun, educational, engaging activities at the back of the book.

Hardcover, 28 pgs

Ages 6 yrs+