Magnetic Prayer Tracking Board

$59.50 $65.00

With this colorful magnetic prayer calendar, kids are introduced to the Islamic months and the five daily prayers in a playful way.

The Prayer Board contains the names of the twelve Islamic months and the 5 daily prayers. The current month can be marked with the help of the crescent magnet. Each daily prayer can be marked with a magnetic cloud.

The board also has a manually adjustable clock with a Qur'anic verse in the middle (Sura 14: 40-41). The next prayer time can be set manually, which helps the children learn to remember the prayer times better.

The prayer board is a decorative calendar that can be hung on the wall. 

A great way to help kids keep track of their prayers!

Product details:

  • 1 prayer board (approx. 38x30 cm), 8 magnets
  • Made of solid, FSC-certified rubber tree wood
  • Made by hand under fair conditions
  • Age 3 years and up