David's Dollar


I want you to meet our main character, David Kareem, a Muslim kid who's just earned a dollar for his allowance and wants to spend his money on some tasty candy like any other normal child, especially my own. But after he spends it, David is curious to know exactly where it went.

David asks his father a simple question, "Daddy, where did my dollar go?" David's father Brother Amir takes him on a journey throughout the community to see how the dollar he just spent makes its way to other businesses.

We often preach about our children learning the importance of money, group economics, and developing healthy spending. How awesome would it be to have a fully illustrated picture book that explores how a dollar travels from hand-to-hand?!

David's Dollar is a book 4 years in the making. Author Tariq Toure wasn't quite sure how to bring the concept to life, he had buried in his head until this past year. It would seem like being a poet would make it easier. He was able to write a compelling children's book about spending local and in our community in rhyme! 

Bringing group economics into an easy story will help children in the critical thinking areas of:

1. Drawing Conclusions

2. Making Inferences

3. Making Predictions

Hardcover, 29 pgs

Ages 6 yrs+