Arabic Wooden Tracing Board


Learning how to read and write in Arabic can sometimes be challenging for little children. Starting them off at an early age may be helpful by using the right tools.

If you’re a mother like myself, you’re constantly looking for something fun and educational for your little ones to help them along the way. That was my main reason for creating this useful stencil.

Not only is this wooden Arabic stencil great for decor, it’s also a great learning tool both visually and tactically for your child. It’s perfect for tracing the shapes onto paper and teaches children to learning while having fun. Each alphabet is inscribed with easy to read English words to form the right pronunciation.

Designed & Made in Canada 🇨🇦 

SIZE: 8” x 11”

MATERIAL: natural wood

INCLUDES: carry case 


Colours may vary slightly due to different colour monitors. Due to the natural wooden material used to create this board, there might be a slight variety in wood grain and details.