ABC ‘s of Embroidery - Palestinian Handicraft kit

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Sitti is proud to collaborate with Khoyoot, a social enterprise from Jordan to present to you this one of a kind exclusive timeless box for kids. 


  • A Wooden embroidery hoop with fabric and embroidery patterns from our Palestinian heritage
  •   9 Wooden cross stitch blanks in the following shapes:
  •  3 Key chains: Cypress tree (Saru), the map of Jordan and, and the map of Palestine
  • 2 Necklaces: Star and butterfly
  • Traditional Palestinian dress (Thob), grape leaf, olive tree branch, and heart
  • 9 Different colors of thread
  • 2 Needles


About the Box:

Threads (Khoyoot) has launched: ABC's of Embroidery: The Palestinian Embroidery for Kids, as a way of transferring cultural heritage to the younger generations by introducing kids to embroidery.

Simple steps by Tata Huda, and her two grandchildren: Yasmeen and Faris, in a simplified and exciting manner.

This kit will allow kids to practice embroidery in a manner that will improve their levels of concentration and focus, while also teaching them to be patient and dedicated.

This kit will also improve your kids’ eye-hand coordination, while giving them the chance to express their ideas creatively, away from the screens and the platforms of social media, in a manner that will increase their confidence in themselves and their artistic and manual abilities. This experience will cultivate a beautiful bonding experience with your kids, with quality time well spent, as you both explore the worlds of Palestinian Embroidery. 

About Threads' | Khoyoot:

This project comes as part of Threads’ (Khoyoot)'s a vision, which aims to empower women in the Al Baq’a Refugee camp in Jordan, while stitching the bonds of community participation and social and economic engagement between the camp and the surrounding context, by creating threads of engagement between the different generations, while also transferring the Palestinian heritage across geographic distances, from the Palestinian villages, cities, and camps to the rest of the world.

The Palestinian Embroidery is distinguished for its ability to narrate chapters of the Palestinian people's story, documenting their everyday life with its social, religious, economic, and political dimensions.

With every stitch, this beautiful art illustrates the bond that ties the Palestinian people to their land, family, village, and homeland. Every area in Palestine has a different story to tell, for the women in Yaffa stitch their thobes with the zest of lemons and oranges, while the women in Tira stitch their thobes with the scent of colourful flowers.

In addition, to reflect on the Palestinian context and geography, the Palestinian embroidery reflects its time and captures historical events and transformations along Palestine’s timeline, in a manner that turns it into an artistic archive that encompasses the Palestinian memory and scenes of the Palestinian people’s steadfastness and bravery.

The Palestinian embroidery has always been considered a significant part of the national Palestinian heritage and a representative of the Palestinian identity and culture, inside Palestine and outside it. Inherited across generations, the threads of this folk art formed bonds between the grandmothers, mothers, and daughters as they transferred its techniques and stitches intergenerationally, while also passing down the traditional hand-embroidered Palestinian thobes along the family lines.

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