Rainbow Mosque Chunky Blocks


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Whether stacking, building, constructing or sorting ... with these colorful building blocks, every child becomes a great mosque artist. The blocks consist of different shapes and sizes and can be assembled into colorful, varied mosques.However, these unconventionally shaped building blocks set no limits to children's imagination. Other creative, architectural works of art can also be created, since the building blocks can be arranged and used as desired. The bigger the children are, the more imaginative and detailed are the structures that can be combined and complemented with other toys and materials.At the same time, it promotes creativity and fine motor skills and the children develop a spatial imagination as well as a feeling for color and geometric shapes. This wooden game is well suited for several children. The common gaming experience enables them to train their social skills. The building blocks fit exactly into the high-quality wooden box supplied. It can also be used as a puzzle frame, in which the blocks are arranged so that they are completely accommodated there. This way the blocks can be stored properly after each game.The natural wood grain is tastefully emphasized by coloring the stones in the pickling process. Harmless, toxic-free color glazes were used. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the building blocks are also resistant and can be used for a long time.Vibrant colors that invite you to play and access! 

Product detail: 1 wooden box (approx. 25x25 cm), 45 building blocksMade of solid, FSC-certified rubber tree wood

Made by hand under fair conditions

Sweat and saliva resistant glaze. Harmless to health and odorless

Age approx. 2 years +