365 Days with The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad (saw)” is a beautiful book that is a must-own for Muslim families everywhere. This beautifully crafted piece won the "Best Work in Translation" award at the Islamic Bookfair of Indonesia. For every day of the year it tells a story of our Prophet (saw) so that you and your children read a new story together each day, or at night as a bedtime story, or they can read it by themselves. This book has been translated into twenty-five languages and is loved by readers from California to Kuala Lampur. Evert Muslim family and every library at an Islamic school for children, madrasah, or masjid would definitely benefit from a copy of this book.

Format: Hardcover
Size: 19.5  x 27.5 (cm) 7.6 x 10.8 (inch)
Page Count: 360
Age Group: 6 yrs +